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“The Walking Dead” Season 2 Finale: Record Number of Viewers

AMC announced Monday, season 2 finale of the hit zombie series, “The Walking Dead” saw a record of viewers. With 9 millions viewers it broke basic
cable records in key demos.

Sunday’s finale witnessed 6 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic. This beat its own record it set for the October season premiere in the 18-49
and 25-54 demos for basic-cable drama series.

This was more than the 8.1 million viewers it drew for its mid-season premiere last month.

“The Walking Dead”, according to AMC, is the No. 1 drama series in basic cable history with men in the 19-48 demo.

In a statement, the president of AMC, Charlie Collie said “Congratulations to everyone associated with AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ and thank you to the fans for creating, literally, record-setting television.”

Yes indeed, “congratulations” on a job well done.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Recap

*** Spoiler Alert: If you did not watch Sunday’s (March 18) season finale, you are at risk of having it spoiled for you by reading past this sentence***

“Beside the Dying Fire” is where it all changed for the group and more importantly Rick (Andrew Lincoln). This will be the episode that changed
him and opened his eyes to what was really going on in regards to his wife, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).

This episode did not fall short in the shock,blood, guts and zombie department. A lot was packed into this episode to keep you wondering, frustrated
and waiting for the premiere of season 3 of The Walking Dead.

I have to say this first before I get into the recap: Turns out when Lori was egging Rick on to do something about Shane ( kill him ) at the end of episode 9 “Trigger Finger”, she wanted Rick to be the one killed… not her beloved Shane. Some piece of work this “wife” is. This woman really, really, really needs to die and with the quickness. I know this is not real, and that people do crazy, stupid things when faced with
adversity but this takes the cake. You turn on your husband, who is a good man by the way, because he killed someone who was trying to kill him?
Where is a zombie to eat her when I need it?

Rant over

Picking up exactly where they left off last week, Carl (Chandler Riggs) asked Rick what went down with Shane (Jon Bernthal) ? As Rick did not
appear too compelled to offer any answers to Carl, the zombie herd that heard the gunfire was finally noticed by the two of them. ( And really there wasn’t much time to do so) The father and son weave their way through the herd and take cover in the barn.

By the episode’s end, Jimmy (James Allen McCune) and Patricia (Jane McNeill) became zombie food, the barn was burned down, and Rick
had become hard and dark.

“If you’re staying,” says Rick after the group ranted about him and his leadership, “this isn’t a democracy anymore.”

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Walking Dead Casts Treme Actress Danai Gurira as Michonne

Those of you who watched AMC’s season finale of The Talking Dead last night already know that Walking Dead exec producer Robert Kirkman provided the viewers with a spoiler of sorts when he revealed casting news of the popular zombie show.

Kirkman announced the regular role of Michonne would be played by Treme actress Danai Gurira.

What do you guys think? Do you think this was a good pick?

I sure do.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 “Better Angels” Review

The Walking Dead may not be exactly going by the comic book version of the show, and may not be going in the direction it started out in but it sure
has improved over the past few episodes of season 2. While still mourning the death of one of the better characters on the show, the group has to face
the death of yet another member in episode 12 “Better Angels.”

After holding a funeral for their fallen friend, Dale, the group are invited to stay in the farmhouse with he and his family by Hershel and prepare for the
approaching winter. To try and honor Dale, Rick decided to set Randall free and not kill him. It may not actually been wise to do so considering Randall’s friends are a dangerous group and would not hesitate in trying to take the farm, but I think this was Rick’s way of honoring Dale’s last request and proving the group was not broken. Before he could, Shane fakes Randall’s escape, takes him into the woods, snaps the young man’s neck and returns to the farm with the story that Randall jumped him took his gun and escaped… but not before he ram his face into a tree blooding and possibly breaking his nose to make his story seem more believable.

Upon hearing Shane’s “story”, Rick forms a search party consisting of himself, Shane, Daryl and Glen. Rick and Shane search one direction and Glen and Daryl search another direction. Daryl, being the good tracker he is, found the spot where the deed went down with Randall and Shane. He and Glen also find Randall who is now zombified. The two men put Randall down for a final time. Upon examining Randall’s body, Daryl realizes he died from a broken neck. Randall had no bite marks or scratches.

While on the way back to the farm, Shane draws his gun on Rick. He had it in his head that he would be the better everything to Lori and Carl,
he was ready to prove it. Through some heavy convincing on Rick’s part, Shane lowers his gun and is stabbed to death by Rick in his chest.
Carl who had heard the commotion, I’m guessing, arrives just in time to shoot zombie Shane with Daryl’s gun; the gunfire was like ringing the
dinner bell as forest full of hungry zombies have come out and are ready to eat.